Additional On Site Services

The Medical Director at Heritage of Overland Park offers on site services for our residents which helps them in different areas of their everyday life.Physician Services

In addition to providing clinical direction for our staff, our Medical Director also provides regular, on-site physician services for our residents.  Our residents always have the choice to continue using their own physician; however they can also elect to become a patient of our Medical Director.  These services are billable to Medicare and other private insurance as well.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy,

Many times seniors can benefit from a variety of therapy services to help them in different areas of their everyday life.  Therapy services can address many things such as decreased strength & endurance, balance problems, fall prevention, swallowing and eating issues, and many other things related to activities of daily living.

Unfortunately, due to insurance guidelines and limits, people with dementia don’t always have access to this type of therapy.  However, at Heritage of Overland Park, we believe that our residents deserve the opportunity to benefit from these services and have partnered with a rehab provider to offer on-site therapy services.

When ordered by a physician, our residents can be treated by a PT, OT, or ST professional in their home environment; which is billable to Medicare or private insurance.  Our Therapy partners  also work closely with our associates to provide training and direction on how best support each resident’s physical and/or cognitive concerns during everyday life.