Personalized Memory Care

When you think about “quality of life” for someone with dementia, what are some of the things that come to mind . . . contentment . . . fulfillment . . . safety . . . purpose . . . joy . . . health . . . these are very personal things that have different meanings for different people.  At The Heritage, our team recognizes and values each resident as a vital individual with their own unique abilities, interests, preferences, beliefs, and desires.   Developing relationships based on trust and learning as much as we can about each resident helps us to develop a foundation for providing care and support that is not only personalized and meaningful, but also promotes independence and choice.

In each of our Heritage homes, we embrace a holistic philosophy throughout every area of service and adhere to a person-centered approach that considers the specific needs of each resident.  We consider the many different dimensions that make up who they are as an individual and then look for ways to support, encourage, and engage them in those areas.  We strongly believe that people with dementia deserve dignity and respect and should participate to whatever extent possible in their own care as they move through the different stages of dementia.  We believe that caring for people is an ongoing, interactive process and should continually adapt and change as a person’s individual needs and preferences change.

At Heritage of Overland Park, our team uses personalized memory care, recognizing each resident as a vital individual with unique abilities, interests, preferences, beliefs, and desires.