Smaller Homes & Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

No More Institutional Living

Heritage of Overland Park was thoughtfully built to create a warm, nurturing atmosphere of home that includes all of the most important details needed to support, care for, and connect with individuals who are living with Alzheimer’s disease and other related Dementia.

  • Heritage of Overland Park consists of 3 spacious homes which were built to comfortably accommodate a maximum of 16 residents in each home. The common space in each house was designed to inspire, nurture and engage our residents.
  • Each home has its own secure courtyard and memory garden where residents are able to freely come and go as they choose, to breathe in the fresh air of the outdoors, to enjoy the sounds of nature, and live life beyond the interior of their home.
  • One of our best features is the outdoor walking paths and sitting areas.  This relaxing, park-like environment creates another opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature while giving families the ability to spend time with their loved one in a peaceful setting.
  • In addition to the fantastic outdoor areas, residents and families can relax and enjoy the many comfortable indoor areas in each home including a living room, lounging area, family style kitchen with island, and dining room.
  • Each resident enjoys their own private studio-style apartment and private bathroom.  Each room is large enough to offer residents and their families the opportunity to personalize their living area yet small enough to prevent the feeling of being confused or overwhelmed.
  • People with Alzheimer’s can sometimes experience decreased appetite and associated weight loss.  Our smaller homes have fully functional kitchens that allow for the natural smells of delicious food to fill the air and stimulate hunger.  Our staff is able to use these kitchens any time, day or night, for cooking, socialization, and sensory inspiration.
  • Each home has four interactive rooms, a laundry room, and an activities room specifically designed for Life Enrichment opportunities. Families and residents can enjoy time together, relax, and spend time in areas that are set up for interaction and exploration.

Heritage of Overland Park was thoughtfully built to create a warm, nurturing atmosphere of smaller homes and beautiful outdoor spaces.